Planning a Sabbath or Career Break for an Adventure Trip

Planning a Sabbath or Career Break for an Adventure Trip

Once the adventure reserve virus has taken care of you, it probably starts itching. You have seen or heard of long travelers and wonder if it may be for you too. But you have a good job, a career, a mortgage house, not much money in the bank etc. etc. Sufficient obstacles to you do not also make the choice of a lifetime.

But its on itching. You keep the unobtrusive feeling of what about .... The only way to get rid of that feeling is to just go for it !! Then read on to learn how to plan for your Sabbath vacation or career break. Convince yourself that it is possible for you too. It can hurt your career, yes, but it can also boost it. A sabbatical usually adds to your personal development, which is also good for your career.

Your job

So, what are the obstacles you face? First of all, lets look at your career. The risk of losing your job will be there. But you will never get a guarantee that you will not be fired, do you want to? Even if your job seems to secure an income, when things get difficult for your boss, it can be gone on a snap. And I know it happened twice ...

Having said that, its always better to be safe for a job when you return from your trip. Then talk to your boss and make good arrangements. If your boss thinks you are good at work, he will probably come back after your sabbatical. For him, the return of a good professional will always be of use. Point it out to him, and he will certainly agree on an arrangement. Then you only set the terms for you to get back on paper, signed by you and your boss.

Think of my story as a sidebar. We planned a sabbatical leave at the beginning of 2001. At that time, the Internet bubble still lived and kicked, and I worked in the telecom industry. Of course my boss wanted me to come back, a lot of work was waiting for me. But when I came back in early 2003, the bubble was gone, and it was also most of my bosss customers. Due to our arrangement, I could come back, but after a few months I was dismissed in any way. Moral of the story: Make sure you get that event, but be prepared to lose your job anyway.

What happens if you lose your job, or is your boss not agreeing to an event? Well, you have to find a new job when you come back. Do you have several jobs over the years or worked for an employer for a long time? In the first case, you already know how to find a new job, right? In the second case, it has been a while since you had a work interview. Well, times have changed a bit, and nowadays its a little easier to find a job through the many job search engines on the Internet. Its scary, but it will work well, trust me. In any case, you have learned to live on a budget while traveling, so it will give you some waste.

House and mortgage

Next important obstacle is your house. A large part of your income goes into your mortgage. When there is no alternative income, your travel budget will disappear soon in the cost of your mortgage. Well, there are several ways to counteract it.

First consider selling your house. Many people travel for a new start, and whats fresher than leaving nothing behind? Be prepared to start from the bottom when you come back, though. Stay with your parents or your friends. Once again, youre used to living on a shoestring now, and its definitely an experience. But you will find a new job, and a new house, be sure.

For the slightly less adventurous (like ourselves), consider renting your house. When you live in or near a city or industrial area there is a chance that there is a market for expats seeking housing. You will learn the market price for furnished houses by contacting tenants. Based on their advice, you can decide if the rent is a good option for you.


How much money do you need for your Sabbath day? It depends on. Life in less developed countries is much cheaper than home. But not if you are a big builder or a fast traveler. Your budget is personal, but plan on it. And decide how much you can save per month for your trip. Finally, there is always the opportunity to work abroad. But, think these jobs are likely to earn less than your job at home. It may be better to save a month longer than working for a month abroad.

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