Gap Year Advice for Worldwide Travel

Gap Year Advice for Worldwide Travel

If you prepare to disappear around the world for a year of adventure, find cheap travel insurance, explore the laws of the country and elaborate a travel plan to give to friends and family are probably some of the longest things in your mind, but they should not be. Gap Years is about adventure, building experience and some great memories, but a vacation that fires from one disaster to another will give adventure of a completely different variety and give you the kind of memories youd rather forget! As a provider of cheap worldwide travel insurance, Ive handled all kinds of claims from people who have encountered problems while on holiday. Here are my best tips to make sure you have a safe and comfortable space for years.

Become insured!

Single travel or annual travel insurance? All over the world or only for a particular destination? There are many options to keep in mind when trying to get some cheap travel insurance for your year out, but remaining unsecured is not one of the options! From loss of belongings to missed flights, personal injury on cancellation costs, there are only too many things that can go wrong because its worth risking being uninsured.

When choosing your travel insurance, make sure it covers you for all the activities you want to take, especially if you want to do some adventure trips. And if you are looking to make a lot of smaller trips during your space year instead of just one big, consider investing in some cheap annual travel insurance - the discounts can be significant.

Learn laws and customs

Getting a comprehensive (but cheap!) Travel insurance is an important first step to taking when planning your space year. Its even better that you do not have to use it, and reading legislation and social security in one country is one of the best ways to stay out of trouble. Many countries have very different attitudes to what you think is normal behavior - caught out and you can have a nightmare of a time trying to figure things out. For example, in many Arab countries, alcohol consumption can be a very serious crime, while in Thailand, the Thai king family insults a crime. Make sure you understand the cultural differences in any country you visit to avoid potentially dangerous gaffes.

Research there NOT to go

Understandably, most of your research before you go will be trying to find the highlights of the countries you visit, but it is well worth putting up on the black spots of the holiday as well. Each city has rough parts that are worth avoiding, and in some countries there are regions that are no areas for foreign travelers - such as parts of Colombia and Pakistan. Irradiate one of these black spots and even your worldwide travel insurance can be void - The Foreign Office website has a comprehensive list of countries and regions where you should not go under any circumstances, so make sure your route does not pass any of them. !

Avoid cowboy companies

Dodgy tour operators can cause serious headaches for both gulf travelers and travel insurance providers who need to help clear the root they leave behind! Try and read some online reviews and oral recommendations for companies that you decide to join, especially if you intend to participate in potentially dangerous activities with them. The cheapest company out there does not look like such a good deal when their shady equipment and under-skilled staff land you in trouble!

Stay in touch

Keeping in touch with people at home may seem like a weird thing to prioritize while you are in a space, but its worth it. It will not only keep you on good terms with your worried parents and relatives, it will also allow you to keep them updated with your itinerary so that they know where you are and what to do. This is especially important if you leave or leave civilization, so if you go missing you know that they will wake up the alarm.

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